About us

Why create Pethaha?
Create Pet ha ha website, which aims to provide Pet users with love and sharing social platforms for lovers in different countries around the world, and provide high-quality services for pets and pets wholeheartedly.
What can I do in Pethaha?
One, in pethaha, share the release browse to get the latest pet subject content.
You can always share the wonderful and wonderful life moments between you and your pet, so that friends around the world can see it.
2. You can also browse to different friends in the world at any time for real-time pet publishing, with the freshest words, pictures, video updates, etc. You can go to thumb up and support.
3. Find the right needs and help for your pets.
Second, in pets ha ha, you can make friends with your common pet, through pet topics, you can make friends more quickly. No need to pay attention, like his post content, click on the head to chat directly with friends. Simple and convenient, quickly become friends.
Three, in pets ha ha, all for pets, pet help platform. You can be a helper or a person seeking help.
1. Help others, share their pet resources and experiences, and help friends who need help.
You can also ask for help from a friend who has a common pet hobby and experience. Pet health, foster care, pet matching, pet loss, etc.
Four, in pets closer, extremely personalized pet theme gift items, waiting for you to choose.
1. Customers who are in need can choose to buy gifts for their friends who like and express their gratitude.
2. Customers can choose to buy pet toys and supplies for friends and their pets.
3. Choose toys, food, supplies, etc. that your pet needs.
What are the objects used by Pethaha?
Based on a common pet interest group, find friends who are interested in the same pet, and build connections and social relationships.
In different countries of the world, people who love pets and have pets can use them as long as they are registered successfully.
Does Pethaha need to pay?
Pethaha can be used for free, and only pay for special functions of VIP members. Membership is entirely voluntary.

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