Privacy agreement

Privacy statement
A brief introduction.
We believe that open communication and transparency are important, especially when dealing with your personal data. When you use our platform, we will process your personal data. Whether we do this or not, personal data is the data that allows us to identify the user's natural identity (" you "). The law does not require you to share personal information or accept this privacy policy with Pethaha. If you do not agree with this privacy policy or do not want to share personal information with Pethaha, please do not use our website.
Through this statement, we would like to provide you with information about our company's collection of data, how we handle the data and your rights as a member. If you have any other questions or feedback, please contact us via email at
How do we collect personal data?
1. Collection by users.
When you visit our website, we will collect some of your personal data, such as:
 when setting personal data you provide us with your information; Include the registration data you add to your profile, account Settings information and content, such as photos, text, etc.
We use the data of our products. For example, the data about the web page you visited, the interaction with other users, the posts you Shared, and the data about the use of platform functionality.
 activate our paid services: data for invoice, service charges for delivery and payment.
In addition to gender and birthday, your Pethaha personal data details can be modified at any time through your home page. For our services, it is necessary to provide information about your name, email address, gender, date of birth and location. If you choose to provide other information about yourself, it means that you explicitly grant us the right to use the information contained in this privacy statement.
2. Collection of various technical resources.
On our platform, we use a variety of technical resources to optimize user experience and platform functionality. Data collected through these technical resources include:
 information about the use of equipment, such as the types of hardware and/or the relevant data of the software.
 cookies and local storage information: these storage of small data file is your preference, allows the platform to run more effectively.
 login information: from your login to our platform generated by all of the information. For example, your login IP address and various telecom data.
Depending on your IP address, your (likely) location will be displayed on the map.
3. Collection through external partners.
Users can build links to other social networks on our platform. Users must manually set these links. Through these social networking sites, we can retrieve missing personal data, which we can use to complete your profile.
Our platform offers you the ability to invite contacts. This can help expand your network. As a user, you can choose which contacts to invite. After activating this feature, you can send a personal invitation or reminder to the person you want to join. We will ensure that this is done simply and automatically. The personal data we collect for this purpose is for this purpose only.
What is the purpose of your personal data?
One of the main purposes of our personal data collection is to provide the best personal user experience for each platform user. As a user, the more you use our platform, the more you'll handle your personal data.
Our unique user experience includes the following:
 publish your user profile: social platform means that you can connect with other users. We process your personal data through a unique personal homepage that will be displayed to other users, platform visitors, and users of certain search engines. The user (via the personal homepage) controls his or her home page information and can (via Settings) select whether his or her personal homepage is included in the public search results. The personal homepage may be seen on other social networking sites, and they are the property of Massive Media Match NV, belonging to the same group.
 matching results, the improvement of technology and other features and development: we focus on successful match members. Our results are more accurate and more successful because we have more specific information about our users.
 provide various (commercial) communication: we can use to obtain personal data to send all kinds of communication (business). These communications can be sent by us or by third parties. We ensure that the communication is effectively distributed through a third party. Third parties can only use personal data for the purpose specified by Massive Media.
 by statistical data analysis and interpretation of users to improve the function of the platform, we are happy to use new technology to improve and update our products and services.
 to detect and prevent fraud, errors, and/or criminal behavior, and a violation of our code of conduct: in order to be able to provide security and high performance platform, it is necessary to do so.
General membership management and execution of the payment service. This refers to any action that needs to be taken to ensure that the user is provided with the right services.
Some of the data we received was deemed "sensitive" because of its nature. Sensitive data is data about your health, race or ethnicity, political views, religion or philosophical beliefs and sexual behavior. Users do not need to share personal data on their home page, but they can choose to do so. Personal data will only be processed according to the above objectives. During the registration process, the user expressly agrees to process all of his personal data.
4. Will my personal data be Shared with third parties?
Please rest assured! Personal data will be Shared with third parties only in the following circumstances:
1. Our professional information processing partners.
We use a variety of technologies and methods to ensure the normal operation of the platform and services. Our professional partners' products and services ensure that we achieve this goal.
Users can rely on the following guarantees:
 we select partners, through strict selection procedures and comply with the law.
We are the product and service of our professional cooperation partner to make clear and clear.
 but the most important thing is: our professional partners can't use your personal data for their own purposes.
When we will always ensure that the anonymous data is transferred to the outside for analysis.
2. Links to other platforms.
Our platform includes integration with various social networking platforms provided by these platforms. The social network platform provides the personal data that the chamber of commerce can handle on its own. We want you to refer to the privacy statements of each social networking platform to get more information about your personal data through these platforms. Each social network platform should be responsible for providing appropriate level of protection when dealing with personal data.
3. Other third parties
Some personal data may be transferred to other third parties to provide additional services. Such additional services can be performed only if the user is actively informed and agreed. Third parties will process their own personal data to provide additional services. For more information, please refer to the privacy statement of the corresponding third party. We only recommend third parties that we believe can provide value-added services to users.
What rights do I have as a data object?
Each user can rest assured that we will handle his or her personal data in a fair and legal manner. We guarantee the following:
 only operate for clear and legitimate purpose of your personal data;
 the processing of personal data is sufficient, proportion and not too much,
I don't want to save your personal data for a long time. Usually after the data or personal homepage is deleted, save three (3) months.
We use technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data. These measures are consistent with the nature of personal data and are commensurate with the severity of potential risks.
Accidental or unauthorised destruction of personal data, unauthorized browsing or other unauthorized processing risk is the lowest. This is the greatest effort.
Each member has the following rights:
1. Negative power: each member shall have the right to reject the processing of personal data on the condition that his or her personal situation is lawful and justified. The member can be free at any time, without any delay in refusing personal data processing for direct sales.
2. View rights: each member has the right to view all information about his personal data processing.
3. Amendment and deletion: each member may request correction or deletion of his or her personal data at any time. The user should have tried all possible ways to modify or delete. Removal is primarily associated with visibility.
Once members feel the need, they can drive right away. Members shall be signed by the written form to the Massive Media Match NV send travel claim, by letter or email member must be ready to provide personal identification, such as id card. We promise to respond to all requests within 45 (45) working days.
Vi. About this privacy statement.
Your registration completion means that you are explicitly accepting your personal data processing.
As technology continues to evolve, we cannot predict the future functions and services of this platform. Therefore, as long as the purpose of processing is consistent with the original purpose of the platform, your consent to personal data processing also includes agreeing to use new technology or skill processing.
We reserve the right to change our privacy policy. Every major change will be communicated through our privacy policy. We recommend that members check our privacy policy regularly. After 30 days of adjusting privacy policy, the new policy takes effect.
If the company is purchased or sold, all rights and obligations described in this privacy policy will be transferred to the new owner. If everyone changes the privacy policy in large Numbers, he will provide all members with important information about these changes.

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